Giant stacking game and slotting game.
Age: 12-24 months

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Two games in one.

  • Game 1: Giant stacking game, 91 cm high formed by 10 small cups in progressive sizes.
                  Small kids will love ordering and stacking them up to then knock them down,
                  which is what will amuse them the most. All the pieces can be stored in the big
                  bucket with handle, which occupies minimum space. Putting away also helps
                  children to understand the concepts of ‘big –small’.
  • Game 2: The big cube has a perforated cover with the silhouettes of the 4 different-shaped
    included in the set. These slotting games can also be used to play with sand
                  and water as the 4 shapes 
    besides acting as moulds, have holes to make it ‘rain’. 

Maximum height: 92 cm.